Summer’s Ultraviolet (UV) Wrath

With summer upon us, so is the recreational season! While we encourage our clientele to use and enjoy their recreation vehicles, watercraft …, we also advise them to store them out of UV exposure when not in use.

We see the damages to equipment when it initially arrives; some so severe the repairs or replacements are quite costly. If you reside in Northern California, whether the valley or in the foothills or mountains, UV exposure is the number one cause of serious damage! While some is purely aesthetic in nature, most affects performance and even safety. The latter is particularly apparent in tires, whether a deterioration in flexing or more severely – checking & cracking of the sidewalls. Regardless of the vehicle (coach, 5th wheel, boat trailer …), tire failure is an experience most of us choose to avoid. In the case of coaches & motor-homes, premature replacement is an expensive proposition.

Another unpleasant experience many of our clients remark about is the stale, quite natural odor when they open their RV in preparation for a trip; an odor that remains for an extended period of time. Most remark about the absence of this nuisance when they retrieve their vehicles from an indoor environment. While it occurs at any time of year, it is greatly magnified in summer’s heat.

Ultimately, sidings, paint, moldings, vents, awnings, tires … are all adverselyPhotodegradation affected by photodegradation and photo-oxidation! It is that same source of damage that enhances our pleasure and lives – the sun. Consider storage a dose of sunscreen when you are not enjoying your recreational investments! Make the most of your recreational opportunities.

Have a great summer!