Regardless of the season, whether spring, summer, fall or winter, the elements are taking their toll on your investment!

  • Vehicle is protected from solar and weather damages.
    • No freezing of coolants
    • No paint or gel coat oxidation
    • No tire cracking
    • No roof resealing or re-coating
    • No bleaching or rotting of canvas or awnings
    • No rust or corrosion of chrome
    • No rainwater seepage or build up
    • No damage to wood, window tint, upholstery or fabrics from excessive heat
    • No water spots
    • No bird, snake or rodent invasion
    • If you store your vehicle at home, thieves can notice when you have left on vacation.
    • Indoor storage is more secure.
    • Your vehicle remains clean, the way you wish. When you are ready to go, your vehicle is ready too.
    • You save money. Your annual cost savings on repair and maintenance will exceed the additional cost of indoor storage, while protecting your investment.