Trending – Seasonal to Year-Round

First & foremost, we wish to thank everyone who has made Storage at The Yard a success! We strive to provide a unique level of service that obviously resonates with those who have experienced our true “Valet Service”. Over the years, we have noticed a dramatic increase in our seasonal clientele transitioning to year-round storage, primarily to protect their investment(s) from the elements and ease of use. More importantly, it adds to a quality recreational experience. We are pleased with the response.

If you are not a year-round client, we urge you to communicate your needs, as we operate on a “first come – first serve” basis and space available. Yes, with the largest indoor facility around, we do fill to capacity and have to turn customers away, placing them on a wait-list. We make no assumptions seasonals will be returning, as equipment is sold, alternative storage or plans occur … – we do not assume. We urge you not to, either. For additional information regarding seasonal storage, please read  Why Reserve Space.

Please refer to the Reservations link if you intend to utilize our services throughout winter/ off-season storage period; space will be limited! Reservations for the winter/off-season customers open mid September.

Enjoy the many wonderful summer’s recreational adventures!