Storage Quote

The storage quote is only an estimate, based upon the accuracy of the information provided. “Length” is total length, including hitches, racks, platforms, out-drives … This includes RVs, boats, coaches … The same applies to the width. Our rates are predicated on square footage of the footprint. In other words, the extreme dimension in either direction. With boats, 5th wheel & travel trailers in particular, the manufacturer’s dimensions do not take into consideration the overall dimensions for storage!

The height is only a factor if it exceeds 14′.

All measurements are in FEET!



If by "Internet Search", we mean a search directly to our website vs. Yellow Pages or a Mobile App.
For "Other", please provide a brief description of the item to be stored.

Important:  Please check your spam & bulk filtered email for our reply to your quote request!!! We have had several individuals call, questioning why we had not responded to their request, only to discover the response email had been filtered.

Thank you.