Storage at The Yard provides a full spectrum of services to its customers. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate experience in storage, a personalized approach tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. Our primary focus is directed toward those large, difficult to store items we all use on an intermittent basis, with a limited amount of leisure time for enjoyment. Our mission is to reduce the work and maintenance, maximizing the quality of that enjoyment!

The services are offered to residential and commercial clientele. Whether a temporary storage need or a long-term service oriented use, we are prepared to take care of everyone’s individual needs. All in an indoor, secure environment!

How does it work? You simply call or email us with your schedule and we will be ready for your arrival. Whether a day at the lake, a trip, motorcycle ride … your vehicle will be ready for you at the door. Upon return, you simply pull into The Yard, drop off your unit and we take it from there!

Residential –

  • Recreational Vehicles, Boats …
    • Basic Service:
      • Tire inflation and battery maintenance
      • Exterior windows washed
      • Refrigerator started
      • General surveillance & inspection
      • Accommodate merchandise & parts delivery
    • Premium Service:
      • Exterior wash, wax and detailing
      • Tires dressed
      • Interior maid service
      • Air purification and deodorizing
      • Water, engine & transmission levels checked
  • Commercial –
    • Storage of any “non hazardous” materials
    • Equipment & machinery
    • Loading dock and portable ramp available
    • Multiple forklifts for offloading and loading any items, regardless of size

All of the above services and more upon your request! Give us a call or drop us an email for additional information.